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Winged Chariots

Holes in the Sky

The Fourth Figure In the Furnace

The Twin Towers of Baghdad and Troy

Seven Tone Poems

Baskets of Baghdad: Poems of the Middle East

The Baskets of Baghdad - reprinted (with additions)


Black Madonna of the Deluge

The Hidden City

The Dignity of Dust

Anaho of the Southstars

Nightmare Tales

The Caplin-Crowded Seas

The Baskets of Baghdad

Plumes of the Serpent

Sverre, King of Norway

Blake and Beethoven in the Tempest

Mad Blake at Felpham

On Gravel Roads

Bush, Blake & Job in the Garden of Eden


Winged ChariotsWinged Chariots. soft cover; Newport Bay Publishing. "Winged Chariots"; a Study of Time, Texting, and the Wheels of War. and "The Passenger"; A Surreal Canadian Drama of Time and Destinations.


Holes in the SkyHoles in the Sky. soft cover; Newport Bay Publishing. "Holes in the Sky" Stories of Discovery told in verse.  Engaging, well crafted, often humorous poems with "sociable themes" for children.


The Fourth Figure In the FurnaceThe Fourth Figure In the Furnace. soft cover; 80 pages; Newport Bay Publishing. "The Fourth Figure in the Furnace" blends history, fiction, poetry, and commentary.  The discursive narrative depicts the stifling of Imagination by the intertwined coils of Empire since breathing on land came into fashion. This comprehensive, timely, inter-cultural work merits study by advanced students in liberal arts programs.


Twin TowersThe Twin Towers of Baghdad and Troy: An Episodic Essay in Verse and Prose. soft cover; 27 pages; Newport Bay Publishing. History, myth, evolution, religion, imperialism and archetypal patterns are blended in this literary dramatization of the relentless, pervasive age-old legacy of the sword over song.


Seven Tone PoemsSeven Tone Poems: Lyric verse in song. soft cover; 28 pages; Newport Bay Publishing. Music and words by Stanley K. Freiberg.  Arranged by Tim Plait. Performed at the Victoria Conservatory of Music.


Baskets of Baghdad - reprintedThe Baskets of Baghdad - reprinted (with addtions); soft cover; 103 pages; Newport Bay Publishing. Fifty reprinted poems from the original 1967 text; a musical score of the title poem; Baghdad and Victoria, BC intermingled in a requiem short story; and a historical, cultural, literary essay in poetry and prose on the 2003 invasion of Iraq.


 Bush, Blake and JobBush, Blake & Job in the Garden of Eden; soft cover; 36 pages; 10 illus.; Newport Bay Publishing. William Blakes "Illustrations of the Book of Job," poetic voices, and historical research underly this anachronistic drama of the "Cloven Hoof of Imperialism" rampant on the soil if Iraq.


On Gravel RoadsOn Gravel Roads: Tales if Early Ontario; soft cover; 169 pages; Newport Bay Publishing. Local colour, history, and family life are blended in these eight time-related stories.  Their exposition depends largely upon realism, poetic heightening and surrealism.


JahanaraJahanara: Daughter of the Taj Mahal; soft cover; 131 pages; Newport Bay Publishing

 Black Madonna of
the DelugeBlack Madonna of the Deluge; soft cover; 87 pages; Newport Bay Publishing


The Hidden CityThe Hidden City; soft cover; 119 pages; Newport Bay Publishing


Dignity of DustThe Dignity of Dust; soft cover; 148 pages; Newport Bay Publishing. A collection created from acquaintance with a wide range of locales and cultures.


Anaho of the South StarsAnaho of the Southstars; soft cover; 112 pages; Newport  Bay Publishing. A contemporary story of Pyramid Lake, the University of Nevada, and downtown Reno interwoven with Paiute mythology and authentic historical episodes from America's westward movement.


Nightmare TalesNightmare Tales; hard cover; 93 pages; Borealis Press

These tales are as elusive and disquieting as a nightmare, as substantial as fear on a dark night.  Each one elevates an authentic rendering of King's County, Nova Scotia into an horrific world of the imagination.  They echo with the resonance of folk tales, and yet are superbly crafted in the most lyrical of prose; timeless, but with the immediacy of the best experimental fiction.  Freiberg has created a haunting masterpiece, of no less value for its being unlike anything else in our literature.  - John Moss.

The Caplin-Crowded Seas; soft cover; 87 pages; Crest Publications

Caplin Crowded Seas

The Baskets of Baghdad; soft cover; 105 pages; Crest Publications

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Plumes of the Serpent; soft cover; 75 pages; Crest Publications

Plumes of the Serpent

Sverre, King of Norway; staple binding; 66 pages; Newport Bay Publishing Ltd.


Blake and Beethoven in the Tempest; staple binding; 50 pages; Newport Bay Publishing Ltd.

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Mad Blake at Felpham; staple binding; 47 pages; 12 copies available; Newport Bay Publishing

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